Between Love and Chaos: Blurbs and Taglines

I’ve been working on my blurbs and taglines for my new series and hope to send them soon to my cover designer. I’d love comments/ suggestions.

The Béte Noir

(tagline: All it takes is one bite)

Lexi Jones struggles to find an antidote to a mosquito born virus killing people all around the world.

Note: This is a short story.

Under All Silences

Béte Noir Series – Book 1

(tagline: Between love and chaos)

Three years after the Béte Noir virus wipes out most of humanity, a group of Viking styled barbarians threaten to take over Cascadia, a territory on the west coast of North America. What they don’t know is that scientist Lexi Jones has a way to stop them.

After society crumbled, Lexi took sanctuary in a homestead with friends, living close to nature. Then the Barbarians came.

When Ranger lost his family to the virus, he joined a group of warriors determined to restore peace and order to their territory. And then he met Lexi.

This is no normal love story. The world, as we know it, is over. Most of humanity is dead and those who survived are changed.

And, the barbarians are moving in.

Under All Silences is a post-apocalyptic, paranormal, romantic adventure that will chill and thrill you to the bone.

Photo credit: Pixabay