The Bane by Keary Taylor #Review

What makes us human?

In a post-apocalyptic world Eve is committed to protecting her nomadic community called Eden. Cyborgs, known as the Bane, have taken over the world and are hunting the last humans. All a Bane has to do is touch a human to infect them. The infection spreads through their body transforming it into a Bane.

Keary Taylor describes the setting so well, the fear is palpable. The Bane are fast, smart and deadly. Their numbers are growing and it’s becoming harder and harder to hide from them.

Eve learns that her exceptional warrior skills are a result of being the prototype for the Bane. But she is more human than they are and her ability to feel emotions is increasing. The story of Eden’s survival parallels her story of self-awareness complicated by her love for two men.

Taylor pulls you into Eve’s world on the first page and doesn’t let go. It’s definitely flashlight worthy. A great read.

I recommend it for anyone who likes post-apocalyptic, new-adult romance. There is some violence. No sex.

I close with my favorite quote:

“I imagined myself sinking through the ground, of burying myself into the earth and disappearing. I had helped cause the end of the world. Whether it was my choice or not, I was a means to the end. I was now meaningless, an experiment forgotten about, no longer needed. I was a hollowed vessel with no reason for still being. They had got what they needed and moved on.”

the bane


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