My Favorite 5 Kitschy Sci-Fi Tropes

Some Sci-Fi tropes are sooo overused they have a beauty of their own, a weird-ugly beauty, like Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress being worn on an orangatan. Today, I bring you my favorite-five kitschy sci-fi tropes:

One  – Post-Apocalyptic Gangs with Wild Fashion Tastes

The funkier the clothing and hair the better. Mohawks, leather everything, braids and black make-up galore. It’s as if evil has it’s own set of designers and make-up artists.

Two – The Extra-Terrestial Bar Scene

The bar scene in Star Wars is forever stuck in my head. It’s wonderfully eccentric and I love it. But such scenes are not always done well.

Three – All Aliens Speak English

How can this be? Seriously. It makes us much sense as people in a future dystopia having perfect teeth. Sheesh.

Some realism is needed. I declare it should take aliens at least four minutes to speak our language.

Four – “The Chosen” Will Save Us (and of course they’re white)

There must be a lot of people out there hoping they’re the chosen ones, because this trope permeates all literature. The little guy who thinks he’s a nobody wins big. Remember when we first met Harry Potter, he was living under a stairwell, and look what happened to him.

The “chosen-one” trope hits an archetypal chord, appeals to our sense of humanity and who we are. It gives us little people hope.

In post-apocalyptic fiction the “chosen one(s)” save us. It works, at least I guess it works, because it’s used so much, but for me, many of the stories would ring truer if the chosen ones were “chosen” more by serendipity and inner conviction that fate. That’s me.

Oh … and please don’t make them all white and pretty.

Five – Science Goes Too Far

Civilization is collapsing. Therefore it has to be the geeky people who caused it. Face it: they understand computers and they push the limits of science too far. And hey, they’re smarter than us, so it must be them. You might have guessed, I really hate this trope, which plays on our distrust for all things geek.


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Photo Credit – Pixabay

shutterstock_104723360 (1)How about you? Which tropes niggle you?